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Evi Tsokanaki
2 min readMay 14, 2022


Online scheduling has increased in demand, especially during the past pandemic, where teams were isolated in work-from-home setups that demanded seamless online tools. And as we move towards the post-pandemic era remote working has set the standards for a new way of thinking about connecting online.

Now businesses ought to provide an optimal experience to their teams when it comes to using online tools. Since remote working is here to stay many company settings will face a combination of working settlements with a both physical and online presence. Therefore, we are in need of online scheduling tools that will help teams be more productive by enabling fast and easy administrative tasking.

Whocan — The next generation of online scheduling

Doodle is amongst the most famous online scheduling tools with customers of every size and industry. Similar to tools like Calendly or Cally, Doodle has attracted the attention of many businesses as optimal integrations in their systems.

However, all of these tools lack the most important element when it comes to online scheduling and customer-friendly functionality. With tedious set-ups and some of the most basic functions being left out from the tools’ features, the above-mentioned online scheduling software cannot provide an optimal user experience.

This was the reason Whocan was created. Made to rise where its predecessors failed, Whocan is the free Doodle alternative, a free online scheduling software that provides teams with the features they need on a day-to-day basis.

1. Seamless

With a simple and intuitive wizard, Whocan is an easy tool to use due to the fact that prioritizes user experience. Amongst its seamless functionalities, Whocan allows teams to use pre-generated templates for common use cases or create their own mix with an advanced poll to cater to every other need your business might have.

2. Adaptive

Whocan is made for your business needs. From scheduling meetings to attendance, surveys or division of tasks Whocan allows teams to do everything and even switch along the way if your needs have changed. Additionally, the software provides more advanced scheduling features that have to do with potluck or preferences.

3. Free

Compared to the rest of the tools that are available in the market, Whocan is free. That means it needs no registration and is set up fast and seamlessly with the click of a button. In this way, it can be easily integrated into your business needs without compromising your team’s productivity.

Meant for flexible online scheduling Whocan is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. Visit their website and learn more about how Whocan can optimize your business operations.



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