Who is the hip hop emerging prodigy Phantom Caine?

Music touches us emotionally where other words can’t

his is the motto of the 21-year-old hip hop prodigy from Ontario, Canada. Phantom Caine is merging together all kinds of different genres, including punk, alternative, R&B, and rap. He got involved with music at a very young age, while his battle with depression has made him stronger enriching his music and art with a unique kind of dark vibes that will free your sensations.

Phantom Caine’s Background

Even though Phantom has been on his grind for over eight years now, he has successfully grown his following and streaming numbers. His musical activities included him featuring on songs with artists like Gucci Mane or receiving social media acknowledgment from famous YouTubers like ImDontai.

Having taught himself the art of FL Studio, Phantom Caine first discovered its healing properties at the age of fourteen. His ongoing battle against depression has always left him feeling lonely, and out of space. Music gave him the peace and therapeutic properties he needed to come back stronger, putting his creativity in use into producing magnificent music and lyrics.

He decided to commit to a career of the recording and performing artist the moment he got pulled onto the stage whilst watching a Jazz Cartier concert at age sixteen. And although he didn’t grow up in a very musical household, he was always close to music. He remembers his parents often listening to artists like Enrique Inglesias and Dean Martin, while his father’s unbreakable work ethic has determined the way he views the world and career to this day.

What the future holds

After having worked with great names in the industry such as Ronny J, Yung Tory, Fat Nick, and Bones, Phantom Caine is now preparing for his two upcoming projects in 2020. His new EP, named “Crying in Autotune”, is about to offer him a massive success. The 8 tracked EP refers to his struggle of becoming successful in the competitive music industry, something that a great number of artists are faced with nowadays, by also delving his own personal feelings of being an outcast in society.

His recent track ‘Misery’ has gained over one million streams online, while his rap cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ (renamed ‘No Thot$’) also hitting numbers in the hundreds of thousands very recently.

Follow Phantom Caine on his Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube account to always stay informed about his new releases, and listen to his edgy tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.



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