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Do you love listening to music? Does your heart skip a beat when a familiar song comes along reminding you of the good old times when you used to listen to it on a cd player? If you are a music lover and music is always on in your iPhone or iPad maybe it’s time to try some of the most innovative feature-packed music players for 2021. With refreshing designs and advanced animations, these top 6 music players will help you organize your playlists while providing special key features.

Let’s go ahead and get started with the list, then:

1. Apple Music

First of all, you can’t be an apple lover if you haven’t tried Apple Music. Apart from unlimited downloads, it has secure high-profile exclusives that no other platform has. In addition, highly curated music video playlists and the lyrics display are two of its most popular features. Its key feature, however, is that you can combine the songs you already own with the Apple Music streaming catalog.

2. Spotify

Spotify is a renowned music player with great popularity because even without the premium membership you can use many of its features. You can discover music from a wide range of artists and share it with your social network. Key features are that you can switch devices with a tap, share whole playlists or even one song with a QR code, mute artists in case you don’t like them but also discover concerts near you. You can also save songs or playlists but not download them.

3. Musens

Musens is the new trend! Combining stunning artworks like a vinyl record emerging from the background and an innovative design this featured music player will be your favorite. It even supports dark mode! A key feature is its party mode in which you can invite your friends to join in a shared playlist. They can, also, add any song they want to listen to next. If you’re aiming not only for the music but also for the design, then Musen is the best choice.

4. VOX

Have you heard of Vox? Well, if you haven’t, I inform you that it is a free music player you can download from the App Store. Vox imports your music(songs or playlists) from iTunes and plays it with high sound quality. It can import music from almost everywhere but music from iCloud is not playable on VOX.

5. Deezer

With Deezer, you can play on-demand with unlimited skips and create your own playlists. You can listen to high-quality audio of any song offline and even switch playing devices. The free version, however, limits your options.

6. Youtube Music

Try Youtube Music if you want official songs, albums, playlists, remixes, and live song versions. Adding to that, its practicality is one of its key features. The distinguishing characteristic of the premium version is the ad-free experience. It has become much stronger now after Google Music’s closing and the transfer of its customers to Youtube Music.

So, what are you waiting for? One try will convince you.



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