Space exploration comes closer to the masses — SGE Space

We have gone a long way from when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon 50 years ago. Marking the extraordinary capabilities of the US, for many years it had been the focus of the scientific industry for further planet exploration and resource utilization. However, this step opened up new possibilities for humankind which was significantly benefited by GPS satellite capabilities in the agriculture and automotive space, while location-based technologies brought about near real-time tracking.

The next 50 years will look very different. New emerging technologies, falling costs, and entrepreneurship will shape this new era and create business models that will not only bring space exploration closer to the masses but also instigate their commercial utilization. Space transportation, tourism, resource exploitation are some long-term aspirations private investments will highly impact.

Space is receiving the attention of the private sector even more due to vast opportunities that still lie underutilized with cryptocurrency being one of them. But how can blockchain and cryptocurrency facilitate space exploration in the new era to come?

The space exploration cryptocurrency exchange — SGEX

Putting space travel and exploration at the center of innovation, SGE or Society of Galactic Exploration is developing a fully programmable cryptocurrency exchange to power new aerospace investments. Developed by a highly skilled team that combines engineering with the field of cryptocurrency, SGE is building a token, a platform, and a mobile app to tap into space exploration opportunities for everyone.

1. $SGE

Built on the Ethereum platform and fully compliant with the ERC20 standard, $SGE is a foundational ERC-20 token that will offer investors the opportunity to explore deep space as they soar to new heights. The intense gravity of the wallet will pull in millions or billions of tokens through the token’s 3% redistribution rate. This means that the longer you hold, the more the token grows which translates to better financial outcomes.

2. NFT & Telescope App

To bring the public closer to space exploration, SGE creates a telescope app that allows users to view the stars and control a telescope live enabled by partnerships with observatories using SGE coins. The space and stars images captured by the app will be fed to the NFT platform to enable the minting of new NFTs.

3. Audit division

SGE is implementing a new audit division that will allow present and future tokens that are new and don’t have the capital for huge exchanges to be listed, for a small fee, with the added ability to be audited by SGE audits prior to listing.

Each transaction within SGEX will require SGE as a transaction fee while no purchasing fees will be needed to purchase SGE, within SGEX. Transaction fees will be utilized to expand SGE, SGE audits, and SGEX and the SGE coin will benefit each division of SGE.

The aerospace industry is on the verge of great disruption with new business models continuously empowering the visualization of a better future where humankind extends beyond the borders of the earth. The future looks bright as business initiatives like SGE capitalize on disrupting technologies to brriudge the gap between space and society.



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