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“My main motive to offer free press release service through Kiss PR, is to allow new businesses to grow in the gloomy economic atmosphere during COVID-19.”

That was Qamar’s Zaman answer to the current pandemic conditions. Qamar over the past months has given away over 1400 free stories to business owners, globally. Having opened up his Press Release Service for everyone, the Kiss PR COVID-19 Fund, his free business totals over $450,000. Apart from this, Kiss PR has also given discounted Press Releases worth $700,000. Zaman is proud to acknowledge that his company has given away over a million dollars in free marketing help to distressed small businesses. Especially in Dallas, Texas, Zaman’s offer of free press releases has helped to revitalize troubled businesses.

Kiss Press Release Service

​Kiss PR is a leading Dallas-based cutting edge digital disruption company that was founded in 2003 by Qamar Zaman in Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands. ​Qamar Zaman spent several years perfecting relationships with top influencers in the area of legal, business, health sciences and technology and works with elite law firms and business entities to lead them to exponential gains.

Benefits of leveraging Kiss PR News

​Reach millions with online press releases using PR Newswire. Send your release online and engage prospects. Tier 1 Media Wire Distribution Including Print & Broadcast Media, Trade Journals Submission To 5,300 + Websites Including Yahoo!,, CNet News, Forbes &

​​Depending on the package you purchase and subject to Google, Bing, and Yahoo news guidelines, your news will appear on the respective news websites. This creates enormous visibility for your brand, product, and services. ​To see your news in Yahoo news, we recommend submitting a press release to yahoo news using KISS PR Brand Story distribution packages for brand visibility!

(Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Linked​In, Storify, and more)

Depending on the package you select, we will also post your story to our Facebook stream. By using Facebook’s Promoted Post feature, your news will reach a larger user base. Submit social media sharing features that enable others to engage with your content on popular social networks.

(Google, Bing, and Yahoo)

​​​Subject to meeting quality guidelines, your news will index in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

​​After your news is distributed, your account will show a distribution report for each press release. This report will also be emailed to you.

​​​Kiss PR distribution options allow clients to reach targeted journalists by delivering a news story directly to their email inbox for additional story pickup and exclusive editorial coverage.

Reaching out to PR Newswires can be a daunting and financially burdening process. Kiss PR Service can help small brands, or companies affected by the coronavirus to increase their outreach by offering free PR listings. So visit Kiss PR website and submit your brand’s story today.

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