Selling on Amazon FBA made easy with WAH Academy coaching program

With more than 2 million people selling their products on Amazon, the Amazon FBA has become extremely popular as the easiest way to ship products and manage your selling process. Sellers need to pay a fee to Amazon and in exchange, they receive an automated selling process without having to worry about customer service, order tracking, or shipment.

This has made it possible for anyone to start their eCommerce business via Amazon FBA. However, having such advanced automated tools at your disposal does not necessarily guarantee your success. Building your e-commerce strategy, establishing your branding, or optimizing your online performance needs a certain amount of skills that you need to possess.

Hopefully, those skills can be taught and with proper training, anyone can turn their eCommerce business into a successful multi-dollar business. That is what WAH Academy focuses on. With its 5-step coaching program, WAH Academy helps entrepreneurs around the world create a sustainable online business with Amazon FBA.

Meet WAH Academy founder Willy Lin

Willy Lin is an entrepreneur and specialist in eCommerce business building through Amazon FBA. After having successfully scaled many of his business initiatives he decided to create his own coaching company in 2014, WAH Academy.

Now Willy helps numerous entrepreneurs create successful online businesses by coaching and training them in certain skills. His over a decade of experience in marketing and sales has given him the knowledge and skillset to not only turn his businesses into profitable initiatives but also help others follow similar business paths.

Willy currently runs an eCommerce business that spans over multiple eCommerce platforms, including Amazon and selling more than 800 different products on all the platforms. Clocking in monthly revenue of over USD$1 million dollars, Willy is the coach you need to improve your performance and revenue.

What WAH Academy can do for you

WAH Academy is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs that aspire to build their own eCommerce business but feel unsure how and from where to start. The online space has become extremely popular and it has gotten harder for many eCommerce stores to achieve viable results.

But by contacting WAH Academy you can get access to premium coaching and measurable results since its experienced team can help you with some of the most crucial aspects of your business:

  • Establishing your eCommerce growth strategy, technology requirements, and objectives.
  • Finding your brand tone and voice to distinguish yourself and give your customers a view of your brand and products.
  • Work to realistic acquisition cost targets
  • Developing your customer retention strategy.
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Focus your price, shipping & discounting strategy

So visit their website and get in touch with them.




Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding!

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Evi Tsokanaki

Evi Tsokanaki

Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding!

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