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Evi Tsokanaki
4 min readAug 26, 2022

Have you ever been in the position of hiring a sales employee but didn’t live up to your expectations? Maybe there was some mismatch with the team or an inclination towards a different sales step than anticipated.

Sales representatives have the ability to sell themselves well. For this reason, the hiring process can prove more demanding than other positions. But what if there was a tool that could categorize sales candidates to the different sales steps and map out their personality traits in such a way that could give a clear idea of how they would behave in specific working environments?

The Bridge Online Sales Assessment tool

The Bridge Online Sales Assessment tool can get an objective picture of the candidate’s commercial qualities. The assessment lists the candidate’s commercial success and risk factors by positioning them in the spectrum of the 6 sales steps and 4 sales types.

6 sales steps

● Planning & Preparation

● Making contact

● Building desire

● Presenting the options

● Closing the deal

● Managing client relationships

4 sales types

● Hunter

● Consultant

● Farmer

● Negotiator

Recruiters receive a clear and compact report of the above-mentioned attributes in a detailed manner to enable better decision-making. More specifically recruits will receive two reports with the online sales assessment; the sales report and an extensive personality report. This provides a complete profile of the candidate’s sales skills which is being offered in many languages to facilitate any international organization. If needed the option of personalized consultancy on deciphering the reports is also available.

Why Bridge Online Sales Assessment

The hiring process for a sales candidate needs more customized tools mainly due to the fact that sales candidates know how to sell themselves effectively. Utilizing advanced technology to automate the pinpointing of certain personality and behavioral traits has many benefits for the organization overall:

1. Makes recruiting more efficient

Recruiters could save a great deal of time by integrating an online assessment tool in the early stages of the recruitment process. They won’t have to plan meetings to get to know the candidates but rather will be able to receive a report with some key personality traits from early on.

This allows for the recruiters to make faster decisions and streamline the recruitment process to cover more workload in less amount of time. Moreover, an online tool such as the Bridge Online Sales Assessment tool allows you to select the most efficient candidates easier since it doesn’t need any particular integration into the company systems. Any organization can use it directly by accessing the designated link.

2. There is no bias

Recruiters are humans and, similarly to every human being, they are creatures of bias. When reviewing a candidate recruiters have limited resources to identify whether this candidate would be a good match for the position at hand.

Technology, on the other hand, has enabled many outdated processes to evolve into a more automated versions. AI has the potential to amplify activities that were previously done by humans and generate better and faster results. For this reason, an AI interview tool can eliminate any possible bias humans might have and generate objective reports.

3. It can prove cost-effective

The rates for the Bridge Online Sales Assessment tool start at €95 (for a detailed price guide you can also visit the designated price page) which means that the recruitment team can save a lot on costs for the entire department compared to using a different tool in the market.

Additionally, hiring good candidates can enhance the company’s performance immensely allowing for optimized sales operations and faster adjustment for new members. Thus, it can prove beneficial for the company, in the long run, to integrate an online tool that is able to provide reliable and accurate reports on its future sales representatives.

4. It is built by an experienced team

The Bridge Sales assessment is based on scientific research. It is developed by TestGroup’s research and development team that specializes in predicting sales success by means of personality questionnaires. Having collaborated with many universities and published multiple scientific articles that relate to sales success, the team also advises many organizations at home and abroad on optimizing the performance of their sales teams. We have been advising organizations for 15 years on selecting commercial personnel with online sales assessment.

Start today

The Bridge Online Sales Assessment tool allows you to back up your gut feeling with validated science. This will prevent recruiting teams from hiring a ‘false-positive’ candidate and provides the best way to reduce the odds of making a bad sales hire.

With the Bridge Online Sales Assessment tool, you can choose the candidate with the greatest potential to succeed in the sales role at hand. The online sales assessment lists all commercial success and risk factors of the candidate in a clear and compact report so that it can facilitate faster operations and optimize overall performance.

You ca​n order a test or online assessment today and we can create and send the online assessment within just 30 minutes. The candidate can start the assessment right away and the report is available to the recruiting team instantly after the completion of the assessment.

The TestGroup team is always available in case of advice or any type of consultancy regarding online assessment tools so you can always reach out to us in case you need help with which type of test or online assessment to use.



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