Save the children in Gaza — INFINITI charity token

Nearly two million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip and ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed hundreds, injured more than a thousand, and displaced tens of thousands. The Gaza Strip has been illegally occupied by Israel for fifty years and is currently under attack by Israelian military forces. Their deployments are killing and injuring people and destroying homes and infrastructure making the city inhabitable and unsafe.

In fact, this situation comes to add in the current third wave of COVID worsening the livelihood of families and children who are finding tragic deaths by Israelian attacks. In addition, 95% of water is not fit for human consumption. Electricity is on 3 hours or less each day. Children, who make up the majority of the population, have been killed, injured, displaced, and traumatized.

The recent catastrophic deployments require immediate interventions that will alleviate somehow the dramatic consequences a state of war can bring to the citizens. From doctors to psychologists and food supplies, Gaza families and children need all the help they can get from all of us to have a chance of survival.

INFINITI is combining the innovative world of crypto with humanitarian attributes to create a community-driven charity token. By creating a crypto token with real-life use cases, INFINITI is able to activate donations and charity projects across the globe and facilitate change.

The project is organized around a community that takes active participation in deciding and choosing the charity activities of the group. Through an engaging Telegram group the community votes and chooses the next charity project so that their donations go to a cause that feels close to them.

The founder, Omar, has been personally involved in various charity projects that include building water systems in Africa, helping with the bushfires in Australia, food supply packages, and much more.

INFINITI’s activities in Gaza have been already providing emergency aid to children and families. From medical to food supplies, the INFINITI team is making a huge impact on the livelihood of children in Gaza, who are injured both physically and mentally.

To activate donations you will need to purchase INFINITI tokens, $INTO and by following 3 simple steps everyone can enter the charity world:

  1. Get a wallet that supports BEP-20 networks like Metamask and Trust Wallet
  2. Buy Or Transfer Smart Chain BNB (BEP-20) To The Wallet
  3. Swap BNB For $INTO On Pancakeswap

It’s never too late to start donating to a good cause. And now the crypto world is aiding in this endeavor. So check the INFINITI project’s website and see how you can start making an impact, too!



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