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Fatalities that are attributed to car accidents remain a major issue in Houston Texas. Even though in one year, a 50% decrease has been witnessed in the overall traffic volume as reported by the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas is counting almost 4,000 automobile crashes in 2020. Specifically, in Houston, a car collision occurs every 15 minutes making Houston the first in rank region with the most fatal car accidents and the most incapacitating injury collisions in Texas every year.

And even though Uber’s penetration has been increasing in the Houston market, it didn’t seem to help reduce these numbers. Distracting driving alongside drunk and intoxicated driving is still one of the most common car accidents causes and although Uber provides a safe drive home, most people find it rather costly making the possibility of potential personal car injury continue to rise.

But what happens in the case of such an incident? How can someone be prepared for the aftermath of a car accident, regardless of liability?

What to do in case of personal injury

In case of a personal injury time is of great essence. It is understandable that you will most likely need time to recover but things need to move fast to reach a positive settlement. The first thing you need to consider is hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle negotiations. Here two elements are important:

1. Timely involvement

In case of a personal injury, there is an extensive need for an attorney to handle evidence preservation on the field. Things like sobriety results and blood, and breath tests need to be obtained. Also, the collection of the field footage by the police or bystanders that could define the court outcome.

2. Skilled expertise

You will need someone with years of courtroom experience if your case does not settle before trial. Do your homework when selecting an attorney before you hire them.

Hiring a personal attorney in Houston — Baumgartner Law Firm

Baumgartner Law Firm has decades of experience and a specialized team for maximizing compensation after an injury accident and finding justice for their clients. They put emphasis on providing a stress-free experience and on smoothening the claims process. With more than thirty years’ experience, they have a long list of satisfied and happy clients. And proven results with complex and challenging cases.

Their main focus is on vehicular accidents as well as pursuing legal claims against daycare injuries due to negligence. Their expertise expands on burn and electrical injuries as well as pool accidents and injuries at the sea, injuries from defective products and construction accidents.

Alcohol-related vehicle accidents are very frequent in Texas with a high risk of fatality. The sooner you get in touch with a skilled personal injury lawyer, the better chances of a full settlement. If you are a victim of a car accident, take advantage of Baumgartner Law Firm’s free consultation offers and see what they can do for your case.



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