Product development and poker — what could they have in common?

Evi Tsokanaki
2 min readNov 2, 2021


Although product development and poker seem entirely opposed to one another, they might share similar attributes. They both use cards!

Indeed, cards are being used by agile product teams to estimate how much time and effort is needed to complete each of the backlog’s initiatives. This consensus-based agile planning and estimate technique is called Planning or Scrum Poker but it has nothing to do with the traditional poker game.

What is Planning or Scrum Poker?

Once teams have created their initial product backlog they can conduct a planning poker session to decide upon any unit related to this product development. The product owner presents a user story or a product feature the team has to agree on and after the presentation is finished each member shows simultaneously a number card that represents their estimate. These cards could represent ideal days or story point numbers for instance.

The highest and lowest estimates are being discussed and defended and this process is being followed for every key point that needs to be addressed by the team until they reach a full consensus.

What are the benefits of the estimation technique?

1. Reduces time

Planning poker allows for the team to decide upon the allocated number of team members or into how many pieces the project will be divided so that its completion will be achievable. Thus, it decreases the amount of time product teams would spend developing the product at hand.

2. Increases efficiency

The accuracy in project management that Planning poker offers, helps the product development teams to be more efficient in their work since it enables their timely effectiveness and organization.

3. Democratizes participation

Throughout the estimation sessions, cards are being revealed simultaneously which aims to prevent any bias from fellow teammates’ answers. In this way, everybody feels heard and is being included in a fair system of inclusive decision-making.

Free Online Planning Poker

Businesses can find online tools that will help them allocate their product development resources depending on the demands at hand. Scrum poker online is a free planning poker platform where product teams can create their private rooms, invite their team members and start their estimations stories for free.

Although poker would be considered highly unconventional for modern-day organizations, it has become the inspiration for an essential tool that every product development team wouldn’t want to miss out on.

So gather your team members and enter a free online scrum poker space to start your estimation sessions!



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