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Value exchange has been a core human right since the beginning of time. From livestock to metal (gold, silver or bronze) and fiat, the means of that exchange have evolved drastically to facilitate commercial dynamics in modern societies. But since humanity entered the digital era transacting over the internet became more complicated as the meaning of value also evolved through the ages.

Today, privacy and security are infused with transacting characteristics making it impossible for people to control how their personal information is being stored, managed or distributed across the world wide web. And with the unprecedented growth eCommerce witnessed in the past decade a magnitude of data is being exchanged daily to optimize logistics operations across the entire supply chain.

Younger generations have already started to actively rethink the traditional financing cycle that deprives people of their ownership over their data and makes the environment the ultimate victim of everyday operations. With an increasing number of Gen Zers in search of alternative financing solutions that do not make them dependable on traditionally centralized systems (e.g. credit cards), the future of financing lies within decentralization.

In this verge of innovation, web3 marketplaces are emerging to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school value transaction systems and create a world where buying goods is linked to individual ownership, privacy and control.

Merging the digital and the physical world

BRB marketplace is a web3 blockchain-based ecosystem that makes the world of crypto accessible to all. The BRB WEB3 marketplace is where digital and physical products can be purchased and sent directly to users based on their preferences.

BRB is looking to simplify purchasing users’ favourite products using various cryptocurrency forms and fiat while leveraging BRB Utility Token at the center of all transactions.

“The transition to blockchain will change how we will perform transactions forever and for the better,” says John Nesgoda, CEO and founder of BRB. “With BRB’s user-friendly interfaces customers can purchase their favorite products, whether it’s digital or physical products without having to worry about the complexity of blockchain.”

For traditional users using fiat, the BRB Utility Token will seamlessly be used to bridge between fiat and Cryptocurrencies. Users already using Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and BRB will be able to purchase products and services using their own wallets directly on the WEB3 marketplace. For all the users, however, holding BRB will translate to many benefits within the ecosystem as holders are going to be rewarded for their with more BRB to be exchanged for other products and services within the marketplace.

NFTs will be part of the BRB project but it’s not its ultimate purpose since the project focuses on unlocking a decentralized blockchain-based good exchange that is infused with transparency and security. For these to be enabled more BRB utilities need to be implemented that will also allow vetted 3rd party service providers to sell their products directly from the BRB warehouses opening up new opportunities for users and vendors alike.

A holistic approach to real-world financing

Compared to other web3 marketplaces, the BRB project offers a holistic approach that covers 99% of current industry demand and not only part of it. In this sense, the BRB team has tailored a solution curated to the users of today that takes into consideration the needs of our natural habitats:

1. Familiar

Since many blockchain principles are difficult to be understood by a vast majority of the population, the BRB project aims to imitate web2 interfaces to make the transition of willing users to crypto more smooth.

2. Green

The BRB token is built on Ethereum which makes it more environmentally friendly as the energy that is required for transactions is smaller.

3. Safe

Since the BRB projects utilize blockchain technology, every transaction is visible within the distributed ledger. This makes the entire ecosystem safe while securing the privacy of all users.

4. Inclusive

Both crypto-experts and people who are new to cryptocurrency can participate in the BRB project because the marketplace simplifies all the transacting functionalities to facilitate a smooth transition for crypto-enthusiasts and an enhanced experience for crypto-experts.

Web 3 blockchain marketplace in the making

The BRB project is ready to take over the world armed with innovative web3 functionalities and a strong sense of fairness to bring this innovation to all. The journey begins with creating the BRB token and its tokenomics while the community will receive 70% of its distribution.

BRB will serve as a governance token where the community is going to have an active role in forming its future evolution. With low transaction fees and secure transactions, the BRB project will make it possible for everyone to transact securely and fast in the Metaverse using its governance token.

For more information regarding the BRB tokenomics or the stage of the BRB roadmap, you can visit the BRB website or connect with them on their social media accounts to stay informed about token updates.



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