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Baby showers go back from ancient Greek and Egyptian times. People coming together to celebrate the birth of a baby may seem more of a recent concept but it was around the Victorian era when they received their current shape.

Apart from giving presents to future mothers baby showers entail various types of games and fun activities that accompany the festivity of a new family member. Plus, it is not only for parents, but also for uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and everyone loved one who could share the happy feeling of the parents.

Who throws a baby shower?

Traditionally, baby showers are being organized not by the mother, but by a close friend or relative. The idea behind such a party is to celebrate the good news of the mother being pregnant to a new life and showering her with gifts and love. Therefore, normally someone else takes the initiative of asking to throw such a party.

What do you need to plan beforehand?

1. Guests

Baby showers used to be a female-only concept mainly because traditionally baby-related issues used to be females’ responsibility across the years. But recently, fathers, uncles, and male friends have started to be actively involved in a baby’s life. So it’s perfectly normal to also invite male members. Although this is something you might want to communicate with the mother beforehand.

2. Venue

A common place to hold a baby shower is at the parent’s house. But this is usually linked to cleaning and tidying up afterward so many prefer to host it elsewhere, at a park or a tea house. In any case, the venue should accommodate the needs of the party activities.

3. Theme

There is nothing more exciting than picking a theme to accompany your party and set the mood for all participants. The theme could influence the food options, potential games, and maybe the gifts. Sometimes the theme refers to only decorations of the party but wouldn’t it be nice to give your guests a full-themed experience?

Where to get ideas from?

There are multiple websites where you can get inspired for your upcoming baby shower. Various bloggers and mothers are sharing their experiences online to help future parents get the most out of their baby shower.

But if you need to find unique baby shower ideas visit Top Baby Shower Ideas. There you will find a comprehensive planner on everything you might need for your baby shower. From creative theme ideas to inexpensive tips and food checklists you might want to consider so that you provide the future parents with the utmost excitement during the celebration of their new baby.

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