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The modern working environments demand a perfect match between the recruitment and nurturing of new employees. Achieving optimal onboarding guarantees high levels of productivity amongst a company's employees which amplifies teamwork, well-being, and work satisfaction.

But how can recruiters be certain about the candidates they are sourcing and interviewing?

Various tools have been released in the last decade to enable the recruitment process to source and attract the best candidates not only with regards to their hard skills but also soft skillet. For this reason, personality tests and algorithms have been introduced to the market that promise to shed more light on candidate match-making and employee compatibility.

But how can you choose the best tool for your recruitment team?

4 personality test features you should pay attention to

1. Honesty detector

It is not an uncommon circumstance that potential candidates will try to tamper with the test to achieve a more favorable outcome. For these cases, you need to make sure that the tool you are going to choose has a feature or an algorithm to prevent this from happening.

Maintaining the validity of the recruitment process is of the highest importance for you and your recruitment team since it reflects on your professionalism.

2. Customizability

A good personality tool will allow for any kind of customization. It is essential for recruiters to have the ability to personalize their questions depending on the position’s seniority, department, or industry. In this way, they can pinpoint the candidate best suited for the position at hand.

Customizing the tools questions will automatically provide personalized reports ready to be shared with the hiring manager accelerating, in this way, the recruitment process.

3. Personality models examined

Most of the personality tests available in the market today are focusing on one personality model categorization. The Big Five, the 16 Personality trait model, or the 4-color model are most used across industries. But every model has its advantages and limitations which might play a role when deciding the best candidate.

So having the ability to choose between the models examined, gives you the freedom to tailor your efforts according to your needs.

4. Application usages

Personality tests can have a wide range of usages. In a corporate setting, they can be used during the sourcing and selection of candidates, or for the establishment of teams across the departments based on the optimal personality traits, every team should have to be productive.

For this reason, the tool you are going to choose should allow you the flexibility for application in both those settings.

The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality combines every above-mentioned necessity to give you a reliable and valid personality tool to help you gain insight into the personality and competencies of your employees and applicants. This particular test is specifically focused on work situations and it ensures that the candidate always receives the most personally relevant questions. The Bridge Personality uses algorithms that adjust the test questions if the candidate tries to 'steer' the test or complete it in a socially desirable way.

The Bridge Personality is the most commonly used personality questionnaire for recruitment and coaching. There are 6 different reports available for The Bridge Personality for the purposes of recruitment, coaching, sales and teams. The setup of the assessment system allows for additional competencies to be included in the Bridge Personality tailored reports. With The Bridge Personality custom report, you can choose the competencies to be included in the report.


  • Can be used for recruitment and development of personnel;
  • No mandatory training is required;
  • Is based on the Big Five, the 16 Jung Types, and the well-known 4-Colour Model;
  • Is available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish;
  • Can also be used for teams in combination with the Bridge Personality team report;
  • Can be used with a tailored Bridge Personality report: select the desired competencies yourself;
  • Measures whether your candidate has been honest during the completion of the test;
  • Most widely used personality test in Europe.

The Bridge Personality is a world-leading personality questionnaire that really helps organizations to recruit, select and develop the best employees. In this sense, it is a must-have tool for your organization since it will help your recruitment and team management processes.

Get your test in 4 easy steps

  • Order the test online
  • Candidates can access it within the first 30 minutes
  • The report is automatically generated after its completion
  • Get your TestGroup consultant to guide you through the report for free

About TestGroup

TestGroup is the developer of the Bridge assessment instruments, which are high-quality, scientific tests that are applied all over the world. All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup in collaboration with universities in the Netherlands and abroad. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior with personality questionnaires, career tests, and intelligence tests. We advise local and international organizations on the application of online assessments.




Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding!

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Evi Tsokanaki

Evi Tsokanaki

Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding!

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