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  • Floris van Hoogenhuyze

    Floris van Hoogenhuyze

    Co-founder & CEO at We.Vestr

  • Aivaras Bončkus

    Aivaras Bončkus

    Founded e-commerce business development firm @crozzant, contributing to the e-commerce and UX design fields through consulting and workshops.

  • John Gruber

    John Gruber

    Productivity and technology to make the world a better place. Because we all need a little help and motivation sometimes.

  • Michael (Mike) O'Connor

    Michael (Mike) O'Connor

    I LOVE people and social media. I have been an online open networker for nearly 20 years. I create the Service Professionals Network to help people connect.

  • Alberto


    UX designer https://www.linkedin.com/in/alberto-cacciatore/ https://www.albertouxdesign.com/



  • Agabbani


  • Dhruvdhingra


    Help people grow their business. Give complete tips on blogging and SEO.

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