Feel free in the world of Laughing Hyenas

Welcome to the Savannahs!

Where Laughing Hyenas roam around the plain doing what others cannot; laughing their way through an adventurous life.

Others laugh to hide the pain, the shame, the sadness but these do not have a place in the world of laughing hyenas. There everybody laughs because life is a joke. In spite of the cruelty of the world, the Savannah is a place where everything is possible. It’s a place that reminds us of our own uniqueness and how everything seems better if they are perceived through the lens of positivity. Seizing every moment, laughing hyenas have adopted the road warrior mentality, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and raming around fearless.

Laughing Hyenas is an NFT project designed by a team of blockchain lovers and technology enthusiasts who aspire to create a fully decentralized universe where members can actively participate in generating new future experiences and adventures. Combining creativity and development with fun projects they share a new mentality towards life.

Laughing Hyenas are a collection of 10,000 hyenas, laughing their way to freedom on the Ethereum Savannahs. The Laughing Hyenas are randomly generated using 140+ unique attributes.

What is unique about Laughing Hyenas

1. They are community-focused

Nurturing a community around gamification the holders take an active part in deciding upon charity donations or branding objectives such as logo creation. Currently, the project will reward the best logo proposal with 1 eth and 1 free hyena along the lines of the running rebranding campaign.

2. They reward holders

Since getting certified on OpeanSea, the project is continuously releasing more prizes and giveaways for its holders. The most recent development is promising one pair of airdrops for every hyena owned.

3. They work for a better future

A portion of the sales will be given as a donation for causes that aid social and humanitarian inequalities. Aiming to create projects that benefit the world, Laughing Hyenas is more than just an NFT project.

Time to use your ETH

With the Etherium wallet becoming available to the community, the longevity of the holders’ beneficial purposes is going to be ensured and the roadmap is welcoming the release of the website’s minting functionalities. Now everyone can get their hands on the 10,000 laughing hyenas available on the website by exchanging their ETH.

30 laughing hyenas are going to be reserved for promotions and giveaways but the road is open for free-spirited individuals to enjoy all kinds of adventures in the Savannah desert and laugh their way towards life!

You can also keep track of the project’s updates by following their Discord and Twitter accounts to be informed about future releases and giveaways.




Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding! https://www.linkedin.com/in/evi-tsokanaki/

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Evi Tsokanaki

Evi Tsokanaki

Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding! https://www.linkedin.com/in/evi-tsokanaki/

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