Everything you need to know before buying a house — mortgage rates Kansas City edition

Buying a house in Kansas is an exciting endeavor. Locating a good neighborhood, going to house viewings and imagining how your life is going to change from the moment you forgo with a purchase mark the beginning of a new life.

However, everything from the local economy to your financials to the housing market in Kansas will impact what home you buy and how much it will cost. For this reason, you need to be prepared with the resources you need to have available to facilitate an easier transition to your new beginning.

In this article, we will discuss 4 steps you need to take into consideration before getting a mortgage for your house. Let’s dive into it.

1. Know your financial power

When setting out to get a mortgage for your house in Kansas it is important to realize how your financial situation can impact your buying options. You will encounter many expenses along the way and being prepared for that beforehand will save you a great deal of stress throughout the buying process. The financial elements you will need to take into account are your credit score, your debt-to-income ration, the down payment and costs that relate to closing and homeownership.

Credit score

Your credit score is the number that depicts your financial trustworthiness. The higher the numbers the better candidate you will be for potential lenders and the better chances you have of getting a favorable mortgage. So try to keep this number as hig has possible.

Debt-to-income ratio

This is the percentage of your monthly income that is deployed for your debts. The higher this number the less chances you have of your mortgage to be approved. In this percentage the future mortgage you are applying for is also calculated alongside potential credit cards, student loans, child support, or personal loans.

Down payment

The down payments is of importance because it is the way your lender can offset the risk. The create the number of your down payment the less possible is for you to back out from the property buying. So it’s always preferred to calculate beforehand the maximum amount you are willing to put as down payment.

Closing & homeownership costs

Last but not least there are additional expenses to be considered when applying for a mortgage. These include appraisal fees, inspections, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and title insurance policies, but also maintenance costs. Therefore, it would be best to put aside an amount that will also account for these costs.

2. Get mortgage pre-approval

Having all your finances straightened out will help you on your next step, which is your mortgage pre-approval. No home seller will receive you without a mortgage pre-approval because they wouldn’t want to spend time with potential buyers who are not financially ready to put in an offer.

This process looks at all your finances and determines whether you are financially trustworthy and ready to begin your house hunt. The elements you took into consideration in the first step are now becoming essential to qualify you as a potential mortgage receiver.

Normally, initiating your mortgage pre-approval process 6 months to 1 year i advance will put you in a stronger position to improve your overall credit profile.

3. Compare mortgage rates

At this stage, you are ready to search for current mortgage rates in Kansas City and determine which is best for you. There are plenty of parameters that play in role in your available mortgage rates such as the type of mortgage. Most conventional mortgages are for 15, 20, or 30 years with shorter-termed mortgages allowing for a lower interest rate, but higher monthly payment.

You can search for available interest rates easily online on dedicated lender websites for each location. When choosing the best interest rates, however, there is additional information that should be taken into consideration.


Annual percentage rates (APRs) are a border measurement of the cost of borrowing money and besides the interest rate, they include any points, broker fees and other expenses needed to get the load. For this reason, they are higher than the interest rate.


Mortgage points are fees a homebuyer pays the lender for more favorable interest rates. This is why they are also called discount points because they allow you to pay up-front for a discounted interest rate in the long run

4. Find a lender in Kansas

Finding Kansas City mortgage lenders can help you with your final step in buying a house, which is getting your mortgage. You will need lenders who are with you in every step of the process, with whom you work together towards one goal and will not be slow in their processes.

Choose lenders who are trustworthy, they value integrity and honesty and they will make you their priority. Finding a good partner in your search to buy a house can make a huge difference in landing the offer that will change your life.



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