Employee Scheduling Software — Your Must-have Business Tool

Evi Tsokanaki
2 min readMar 23, 2021


Scheduling your employees’ shifts can be challenging, especially for businesses that operate around the clock and are in need of a flexible workforce. Even small mistakes could cause extremely time-consuming changes to your employee work schedules. With 20% of managers’ daily operations focused on manually updating their employees’ work schedules, it is important that you should automate the employee scheduling process to save time and reduce labor costs.

Managing employee shifts, on-call workers or part-timers could confuse many managers even in small to medium-sized companies. But how can managers facilitate the speedy fulfillment of their employee management operations without having to sacrifice productivity?


Implementing new technologies can help you improve your system’s efficiency especially if you have been using spreadsheets for your employee work scheduling. Automated scheduling and real-time data could allow managers to see exactly how many hours their employees have worked, and calculate the best ways to allocate labor.

The Snap Schedule 365, for instance, is an employee scheduling software that streamlines the employee scheduling process and enables data transparency on your employee scheduling operations. Utilizing this tool allows for significant employee satisfaction since every person is treated equally, with no favoritism, and paying attention to overtime. Additionally, its features of availability and scheduling conflict checking decrease the chances of mistakes since it eliminates human error and facilitates the fulfillment of your employee management.


Research has shown that employees who have control over their shifts perform better at their work. Therefore, creating work schedules with your employee collaboration would significantly improve your employee productivity.

To use a similar example, Snap Schedule 365 gives employees and scheduling managers full access to scheduling features on their mobile devices fostering collaboration and transparency among schedulers, managers, and employees. By having access to their schedules employees are empowered to decide and arrange their work schedule according to their convenience, to swap shifts to meet last-minute changes, fair overtime, and call-out balance, as well as to facilitate the fast response on their time-off requests.

Partying words

Achieving an optimal employee management system yields increased business ROI and growth. Furthermore, it enhances employee satisfaction because it resolves not only the employee but also managerial friction around work schedules, allowing for faster daily operations

The Snap Schedule 365 is an automated employee scheduling software that automates your employees’ work schedule management and enables managers to focus on more important aspects of their working responsibilities. By providing real-time data transparency, the tool enables medium-sized teams to implement smooth and lean employee management processes that facilitate business growth.



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