Denmark renowned artist Hornsleth breaks yet another taboo with his provocative NFT art

As the NFT ecosystem gets bigger the massive explosion of NFT collections across the globe has made it harder for blockchain enthusiasts to narrow down the projects to invest in. But since every collection has similar attributes, the ultimate choice comes down to founding trustworthiness or pure individual interest.

So instead of introducing yet another NFT project let’s tap on the utility they have. Apart from the innovative aspect of this new way of tokenization, people are diving into NFTs firstly as an investment and secondly because they are fun. Avatars that represent your digital character are dominating the NFT space bringing technology lovers closer to fun games and competitions.

But what if NFTs could do more?

What if there was a way to express yourself or make a point with your NFT project? And what if your investment could translate to the ownership of an object in the physical world?

Rebels of wealth — The provocative Hornsleth NFT collection

The famous Danish conceptual- and performance artist, Kristian von Hornsleth has combined his talent for provocation with art. Violating almost any taboo in the art world, Hornsleth is at it again with his new NFT project.

Naming his NFT Rebels of Wealth, Hornsleth has created 5555 unique works, several of which depict severed heads of tech mastodons like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. Hornsleth’s collection is a direct provocation to the worst aspects of capitalism. But since he himself is also capitalizing on it, Hornsleth’s head can be found amongst the 5555 pieces of this unique collection.

Through this offensive way, Hornsleth is trying to express himself with regard to consumer capitalism, the NFT market itself, and commercial data mining. Aligned with this concept the collection has pieces of bored apes to portray the modern indignation of people across the world.

His collection “Rebels of Wealth” encourages individuals to take back control from inside the ether and invites everyone to join his band of rebellious pirates and participate in the takeover of such intangibles as digital artwork and status-driven luxury brands. In this way, the project satirizes the idea of intellectual property, while centering the figureheads who have largely orchestrated this age of privacy piracy.

But the case is that Hornsleth’s project is largely aimed at awakening minds, provoking action, and making a point loudly in the modern-day era. This is why the collection appears exactly like all other projects of this kind. The fact that thousands of almost identical works are differentiated with small details so that each NFT appears unique is in itself provocative towards existing NFT projects that have no utility other than capitalizing on current trends.

Most NFTs projects are composed of meaningless avatars and animations, but the Rebels of Wealth allows buyers to own real art pieces by the renowned artist Kristian Von Hornsleth. In this way, the project bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital realm that everybody is moving towards.

For this reason, once you’ve minted a particular Rebels of Wealth NFT, you will be granted the license to use, copy and display it worldwide — for personal use only, just like any piece of physical art. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network.

Join the rebels

The Rebels of Wealth is taking over the Danish media as Kristian von Hornsleth is breaking yet another taboo by releasing his provocative NFT project, with 4 articles mentioning it and influencers jumping in the opportunity to participate in an NFT community with a strong vision that is not afraid to speak the harsh truth. With a highly active Discord channel, the rebels sail the digital seas with sarcasm and provocation.

You don’t want to be left behind!




Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding!

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Evi Tsokanaki

Evi Tsokanaki

Content Marketing and Blogger with an inherent interest in social media, and personal branding!

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