Boy Indigo releases amazing new music video production

The music industry has suffered a great hit due to COVID-19. Even though we saw a steady increase in the US music industry's total revenue by 9.2% in the year 2020, the general sentiment doesn't look that great for 2021.

However, the post COVID era is seeing many talents coming back strong with new exciting releases.

Boy Indigo, originally from North Carolina, is a production group that composes their own songs and shoots their own music videos. Jimi Hendricks, Chris Mayfield, and Sade Radiohead are just some of their influences.

Boy Indigo is about to release their new amazing music video production, called "Fading In and Out". An exciting new release from a group that combines rock&roll, jazz, and psychedelic touches. You can get a glimpse into their inspiring music at their YouTube channel or you can check their video below:

Meet the members

1. Devon Blue

​​Boy Indigo’s frontman, singer, guitarist, and lyricist are Devon Blue. Devon is a poet first but has spent his life as a session guitarist for a few American idols and The voice finalist. Devon also played in bands such as but not limited to Broken Iris, Life in 24 Frames. His ambient guitar and vocals can be heard alongside artists such as Reason, J. Sirus, Nikki Minaj, and more.​

2. Kevin Kinsella

Kevin Kinsella, the band’s saxophonist is integral to the band’s development. He is the much-needed motion for this band’s maturation. Kevin is a seasoned musician and frontman of his very own band, Pointdexter. Kevin’s ability to play both saxophone, keys and singing make him a valued asset, a contributor to this project, and many others.

3. Chelsea Baker​

​Chelsea Baker, the band's bassist, and backup vocalist is a painter first who has traveled the USA as a bass player in several bands stretching across many genres. While Chelsea’s paintings and Devon’s poetry are the foundation by which the band was formed it can be easily said that her energy and aesthetic alone brings a much-needed sense of harmony and direction.

4. John "keys" Takanikos

​John "keys" Takanikos, the band’s pianist, is a purist who uses only vintage keys and synthesizers to create the band’s lush psychedelic tones. John too has toured the USA in several bands before and is well versed in all musical instruments. John Keys is a musical force unlike any other.

You can become a member at Boy Indigo Tribe by text at 323.629.8041.

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