Best Apps for Moving or Getting Pickup Truck for Hire

Since lockdown measures in many countries demand fast and reliable delivery services, individuals, as well as businesses, are in search of applications that could provide them those services. In this article, we will discuss the best apps for moving or getting a pickup truck for hire:

Fetchit is an app that can solve your delivery and moving problems by connecting you with a local minivan, pickup, van, or truck owner. It is ideal for delivery and small moves and retailers. The app offers the feature of requesting a job immediately or scheduling a job 30 days in advance! All payment is carried out securely through the platform with no cash required. Each Fetchiteer undergoes a full background check before being onboarded. Fetchiteers help load and unload, and can even help move furniture within your house. However, the app does not offer a free version, only a trial period after whose expiration it will need $119 as a monthly payment.

FlasHOLR is a mobile app that connects people who need hauling or towing to service providers who own big cargo vehicle, pickup, tow truck, or trailer. Customers use the app to request a driver whenever they need one. FlasHOLR charges by the mile, just like ride-sharing platforms, with no minimum fee. You can request a vehicle with or without labor through FlasHOLR. Labor charges are calculated by the minute, not by the hour, so the app is very budget-friendly. You will get a free fare estimate first before you place an order. The app will help to find an available Hero within a 30-mile radius. Once a Hero accepts the request, a notification box will prompt with ETA (Estimated Arrival Time), and Hero information. You can track the order and Hero location over the app. FlasHOLR is free and available to download from App Store and Google PlayStore.

Bungii provides on-demand truck delivery opportunities to businesses and individuals across different areas. The app offers an easy layout and friendly service, while their drivers have completed stringent vetting, training, and onboarding. However, it is difficult for customers to see whether their area is being covered before entering all the necessary information.

GoShare connects businesses with vetted delivery pros on-demand for help with last-mile delivery, logistics, and moving. From small parcels to pallets of cargo, if you need something delivered or moved, they’ve got you covered. Their virtual fleet of trucks, vans, and cars are available to help you in under an hour. The app offers the possibility to get a free estimate before you order on their website or by downloading the GoShare app on iPhone and Android.

Low prices, bad easy layout but confusing features, and detailed inventory needed for many quotes. Dolly offers consistent and flexible delivery options for retailers integrated into your POS, as well as moving services for individuals. Some of its features include scheduled or on-demand delivery, delivery in as little as 90 minutes, picking a 30-minute window of choice, and operation 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

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