The charity landscape has always been tainted by intermediaries and obscure processes that make the tracking of donations somewhat difficult. But blockchain can change that!

Many cases where donations rarely ended up at the destination were intended to make humanitarian endeavors diluted and reluctant. With the utilization of blockchain technology, however, transparency and real-time insights have been added to the process of donation-making, eliminating the intermediaries and ensuring that help is given to those needed.

The promise of blockchain makes it possible for donors to give humanitarian assistance to affected groups of their choice without having to rely on ambiguity…

Nearly two million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip and ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed hundreds, injured more than a thousand, and displaced tens of thousands. The Gaza Strip has been illegally occupied by Israel for fifty years and is currently under attack by Israelian military forces. Their deployments are killing and injuring people and destroying homes and infrastructure making the city inhabitable and unsafe.

In fact, this situation comes to add in the current third wave of COVID worsening the livelihood of families and children who are finding tragic deaths by Israelian attacks. In addition, 95% of…

Hundreds of charity projects and years of progress have tremendously improved Bangladeshis’ access to drinkable water. However, the country still has the largest proportion of people exposed to arsenic contamination. Still, 19 million people drink water with arsenic levels higher than the national standards.

Hygiene in water consumption remains also low. Two out of five households in Bangladesh drink water from sources already contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and viruses. But due to poor hygiene practices in households, the number of people drinking water with microbial contamination jumps to 99 million.

This situation has been worsened by environmental disasters due to…

Casablanca is the capital of the Casablanca-Settat region, located in west-central Morocco on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Many people are looking forward to visiting this economic capital and the most populated city of the kingdom with almost 4 million inhabitants, according to the 2014 census.

Casablanca is a city that combines leisures and attractions for every taste. …

Cocktails have long become a very creative way for bartenders and enthusiasts to try out and experiment with exotic herbs and tasteful flavors. This trend of drink recipes has been influenced greatly by the long-gone Prohibition era which made brewers think of new ways to make drinkable alcoholic beverages.

Nowadays, people are searching for more ways to enrich their drinking habits, considering non-alcoholic alternatives. A trend towards a more healthy lifestyle and premium tastes has altered the market of beverages. Cocktails have dominated our century but recent trends have opened the path for new exotic flavors along the lines of…

Knowing exactly what your lawn needs comes from yearly experience in lawn care and sometimes you need the help of a professional. Some people do prefer caring for their lawns. But this requires you to invest a great deal of time and resources in finding the right tools, researching best practices, and learning the basics to give your lawn good care service.

A professional, on the other hand, can provide daily care and be proactive on your lawn’s bespoke needs. …

Hiring a professional versus caring for your own lawn, are the two options lawn owners are faced with when it comes to lawn care. In fact, some might assume that DIY lawn care is easy enough to be successfully implemented by anyone. While it certainly requires a certain level of knowledge, it is definitely not something suited for beginners. However, it could be a viable choice for people with some expertise in the field.

So let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of both options and share with you some examples of good lawn care service.

Doing your own lawn

Caring for your lawn…

The music industry has suffered a great hit due to COVID-19. Even though we saw a steady increase in the US music industry's total revenue by 9.2% in the year 2020, the general sentiment doesn't look that great for 2021.

Scheduling your employees’ shifts can be challenging, especially for businesses that operate around the clock and are in need of a flexible workforce. Even small mistakes could cause extremely time-consuming changes to your employee work schedules. With 20% of managers’ daily operations focused on manually updating their employees’ work schedules, it is important that you should automate the employee scheduling process to save time and reduce labor costs.

Managing employee shifts, on-call workers or part-timers could confuse many managers even in small to medium-sized companies. …

Errors are very common for managers who schedule their employees’ shifts. In fact, research shows that 174% more turnover can be attributed to those errors. Managerial mistakes with regards to creating a fair and balanced employee work schedule could prove highly undermining your overall business efficiency.

The most common mistakes revolve around 4 main pillars: operational issues, employee-related biases, communication, and management systems.

1. Operational issues

Managing budgets, anticipating customer demand, ensuring that all employee needs are met and fatigue is being avoided while arranging the fair work schedule between shifts requires plenty of organizational skills. …

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