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Evi Tsokanaki
3 min readMay 30, 2020


SMS Marketing has proved to be an essential tool for e-commerce businesses since it can increase brand awareness, boost user engagement, and generate more sales. Entering 2020, marketing needs to find alternative ways to reach customers. The current pandemic does not exactly help marketing efforts either.

However, the online-shopping tendency is increasing and e-commerce businesses could utilize this period to build a strong relationship with their users. For this reason, you will need to be updated about SMS Marketing best practices and tips on how to modernize your marketing strategy and retain customer satisfaction.

Get Permission

It is very important that you send messages to users that want to receive your updates. Otherwise, you will be killing your brand slowly. There is an easy way to get your customers’ phone numbers by adding that option on your newsletter subscription field. However, be transparent on exactly how you are going to be using your user’s numbers. State explicitly what kind of messages they will be receiving, and avoid overusing this option. Lastly, always provide a way for your customers to opt-out by providing an unsubscribe link in every message.

Use an SMS Marketing Tool

There is no use of sending SMS to your users without being able to track their performance. Therefore, choosing a good SMS Marketing tool can help you modernize your overall marketing strategy.

Sendbase is such a provider that can guarantee you a fully integrated SMS function for your business. With a team of highly experienced individuals, Sendbase can provide you automated and smart tools to track, segment and analyze your campaign results, while its intuitive API features will give you full control over your data. At the same time, Sendbase offers three cost-efficient pricing solutions and a free plan for those who want to start small and then upsize.

Keep it Short

Text messages contain only 160 characters. For this reason, your messages should be short and concise, starting right away with the information you want to promote. Do not forget to use links inside your texts so that users can land on the appropriate pages to find more about the product or service you are informing them about.

A great way to show professionalism is to follow up with an email. This is a great way to offer more detailed information to the users who need it without presenting yourself too aggressively.

Personalize your Message

Similarly to email, text messages can be personalized as well. The massive benefit of SMS Marketing is facilitating the closeness with your users. The best way to utilize this to its maximum is to use your users’ first names and send them offers based on their location, and/or previous behavior. This step will become easier implemented if you have chosen a great SMS Marketing tool for your business, like Sendbase.



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