4 Crucial mistakes you could avoid with Employee Scheduling Software

Errors are very common for managers who schedule their employees’ shifts. In fact, research shows that 174% more turnover can be attributed to those errors. Managerial mistakes with regards to creating a fair and balanced employee work schedule could prove highly undermining your overall business efficiency.

The most common mistakes revolve around 4 main pillars: operational issues, employee-related biases, communication, and management systems.

Managing budgets, anticipating customer demand, ensuring that all employee needs are met and fatigue is being avoided while arranging the fair work schedule between shifts requires plenty of organizational skills. Unfortunately, not all managers actually possess these skills leaving your organization prone to work shift mistakes.

Sometimes managers cannot calculate effectively their employees’ shifts due to last-minute swaps for instance resulting, in phenomenal favoritism. This can cause friction within an organization whose managers do not attend equally to the needs of all of their employees. This can be apparent when managers handle manually their employees’ working schedules.

Many employees prefer being in control over their own shifts. This means that providing them with a communication tool where they can access their work schedule and arrange their shifts can be highly beneficial for your employees’ satisfaction, and, therefore, for your organization’s efficiency.

Not having the right tools to access employee data can make your effort to manage labor shifts harder. Many managers use spreadsheets to fill in employee work details. However, there is little room for employee engagement in such a system and it requires managers to manually keep the sheets updated.

Snap Schedule 365

With the Snap Schedule 365 software, you can eliminate all of the above-mentioned pitfalls. This employee scheduling software allows managers to handle employees’ shifts efficiently by allowing small and medium-sized organizations to:

Drastically cut down employee scheduling time by implementing an automated employee work schedule management system. Managing time and labor processes in real-time will allow you to increase efficiency and reduce operational mistakes.

Snap Schedule 365 gives employees and scheduling managers full access to scheduling features on their mobile devices fostering collaboration and transparency among schedulers, managers, and employees. By having access to their work schedules, you can empower employees’ proactiveness with regards to when and where they work shifts, the ability to swap shifts, faster responses to their time-off requests, and fair overtime/call-out.

Automatic updates on employees’ work hours and costs, overtime, on-call, time off, and shift premium pays so you can make informed decisions. In this way, you reduce unnecessary overtime and control labor costs.

Plan and execute employee schedules that comply with labor laws, collective agreements, and employee contracts and reduce grievances by enforcing call-out rules and equalizing overtime opportunities.

Having timely and accurate scheduling data will enable you to optimize your workforce structure and quickly adapt to changing requirements allowing for exponential growth. Snap Schedule 365 is the employee scheduling software that can do this and more, ensuring that every employee and business need is met.

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